Australian grown mangoes

We grow a number of varieties at Rocky Creek Orchards including Kensington Pride, Keitt, R2E2, Carabao and Maha Chanook. The majority of our mango orchards are located at our Dimbulah and Mutchilba farms. Mangoes thrive in the tropical heat of these rural communities, hence why we can grow anything from the popular summertime treat of a Kensington Pride, to the exotic Maha Chanook. 

Australian mangoes have excellent health benefits including:
• Rich in prebiotic dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and poly-phenolic flavonoid antioxidant compound
• A rich source of vitamin A
• Contains 168mg potassium per 100g of mango flesh1


Varieties of mango grown at RCO


Grams is the average weight of an R2E2

Fruit puns make a mango crazy

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